IT is different at St John of God Health Care

St John of God Health Care Systems Engineer Jesse Sheahan says the flexible working arrangements and contributing to the health and wellbeing of patients is what he loves most about working with us.

22 Nov 2022

What is your role and where do you work?

I’m a systems engineer in the Digital Information and Technology enterprise team (part of St John of God Health Care Group Services).

How long have you worked with us?

I’ve worked here for seven years.

What roles have you held in your career with us?

I started on the Service Desk in 2015, I was there for a few years and then I moved into a clinical application role, where I was looking after all the hospital-based apps. Just recently, maybe six or seven months ago, I moved into the Systems Engineer role.

What makes us different?

 For me, it’s the interaction with the clinical caregivers and feeling involved in the overall helping of patients.

Do you work from home or an office?

I work from home full-time in the South West [of Western Australia]. Sometimes I travel up to Perth for meetings or to visit the hospitals, going to the data centres to do hardware-based tasks.

How long have you worked from home?

Since the start of COVID, when we got the first send home. I was living in Perth and have since moved to Bunbury working from home.

What do you love about working from home?

I get to hang out with my dog, Six, and otherwise, no commute times and it suits my focus, it’s nice and comfortable.

Why should other people in digital information and technology come work with us?

So they can be a part of the Mission and the helping of patients and getting involved in that. It’s very rewarding.

I would absolutely recommend working for St John of God Health Care.