Two hours of arts a week to help our mental health

A St John of God Health Care supported research project has received funding from the WA Government to encourage people to take part in two hours of arts each week to improve their mental health.

9 Nov 2022

Colourful hand painted wooden craft with drums.

The project, Good Arts Good Mental Health, is funded by the Western Australian Future Health Research and Innovation Fund, which is an initiative of the WA State Government, and two of Australia’s major philanthropic foundations, The Ian Potter Foundation and new funding partner, The Minderoo Foundation. The project is also supported by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries; CircuitWest and St John of God Health Care.

The funding will develop an evidence-based campaign to encourage people to becoming involved in arts for two hours each week.

St John of God Health Care is one of 27 strategic partners, and the only health care partner, to support this project, and aligns strongly with our focus on using arts to improve the health and wellbeing of our community.

“This is a very exciting, high calibre project and we are so proud to be supporting through funding and as a project partner,” St John of God Health Care Group Coordinator Arts and Health Emily Lees said.

“This is a cross-sector, multi-year project underpinned by the research that now shows us that just two hours of creative engagement per week can positively impact our mental health.”

Emily said the organisation’s support for this project showed the breadth of our commitment to arts and health, particularly as it goes beyond hospitals and traditional treatments.

“Health care like the arts, is focused on the same thing – enhancing the wellbeing of the community – and we proud to be able to contribute and collaborate to do this,” she said.

“Furthermore, we hope to encourage our caregivers, patients, and communities to get involved in this project and inspire other health organisations to see the positives benefits of incorporating art in all its forms into their care.”

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