Team work core to rehabilitation nursing

Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit Nurse Unit Manager Sarah Duggan says working with a multidisciplinary team to support patients to reach their goals continues to inspire her each and every day.

12 Aug 2022

Inpatient Rehabilitation Nurse Unit Manager Sarah Duggan

“Rehabilitation nursing is a very team-centered approach to care,” Sarah said.

“You work closely with medical and allied health staff with a common goal of supporting patients through a vulnerable period of their lives providing direct support to assist and support them to recover from injury or illness and to achieve those planned goals.

“I love the work I do, no day is the same and we have a great team who all strive to deliver excellent patient outcomes and holistic care.”

Although Sarah is now working as a rehabilitation nurse, her career with St John of God Health Care starts 25 years ago when she was appointed as a graduate nurse at St John of God Ballarat Hospital.

“I clearly remember doing my final university placement at St John of God Ballarat Hospital and thinking I would love to work here as the staff were so welcoming and friendly. It was the best placement I had,” she said.

Clearly her first impressions were accurate.

Now, Sarah is a leader at the hospital and is using her skills and experience to support other nurses and health professionals working in the area.

“Rehabilitation nursing requires a broad base of knowledge along with specialty training to help patients rebuild and optimize pre illness function,” she said.

“Nurses work closely with a multidisciplinary team towards patient centered goals.

“One of the highlights for me would be the work we have done, with patients and as a team to exceed the benchmarks for both functional gain and length of stay as set by the Australian Rehabilitation Outcomes Centre (AROC). This is something I am really proud of as a manager and as a nurse, to know that our patients are getting the highest level of care possible.”