Aiding allied health clinicians to advance their careers

St John of God Health Care is offering a new Fellowship for allied health clinicians to complete a Master’s Degree by research so they can advance their careers with us.

29 Apr 2022

Allied Health Fellowship

The Clinical and Research Fellowship is available to allied health clinicians working for the not-for-profit organisation, to complete a Master of Philosophy part-time over three years while remaining on full pay and receiving the necessary time-off and support to complete their studies.

The Fellowship is targeted at allied health clinicians including but not limited to physiotherapists, speech therapists and occupational therapists which are three professionals listed on the top 10 national critical workforce shortage list.

It is also available to the organisation’s nurses and midwives.

St John of God Health Care Group Manager Allied Health Rachel Resuggan said supporting allied health clinicians to advance their careers had benefits for the individual caregivers as well as patients.

“We know the important role that our allied health caregivers play in improving our patient’s wellbeing at all stages along their hospital journey, so we wanted to support these clinicians to advance their knowledge which they will directly be able to use with their patients,” she said. 

Fellowship applicants will nominate their research projects; however Rachel said she expected some of the research to focus on the use of outcome measures within rehabilitation, the benefits of
standardised rehabilitation programs to drive excellence in rehabilitation and benefits of rehabilitation in the home services.

 “The research that will be undertaken by our caregivers will add to the growing body of work that is being done across the world at the moment to better understand the effect allied health care has on patient outcomes,” she said.

“We are so proud to be able to offer this fellowship to our allied health clinicians, in addition to nurses and midwives, and we are excited to see the research outcomes that come from this.”

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