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As a not-for-profit organisation, St John of God Health Care has a proud history of allocating a percentage of its eligible revenue to the provision of free or low cost, community-based, mental health, homelessness and capacity building services.

31 Aug 2020

Social Outreach infographic

Delivered across 45 locations in Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Timor-Leste and Papua New Guinea, these Social Outreach services provide the support, care and hope that vulnerable, disadvantaged or marginalised people need to live better lives. 

Social Outreach CEO, Sue Cantwell said this was a powerful expression of St John of God Health Care’s Mission in action and commitment to social justice.

“Many of the patients who come to our hospitals for their care would be unaware that they were directly helping to support people experiencing significant disadvantage, many of whom were at their most vulnerable when they first entered our services,” Sue said. 

During the 2019/20 financial year, Social Outreach provided $26.1 million of services to 5,500 people. 

In homelessness services Horizon House and Casa Venegas, this equated to 41,968 nights of stable accommodation for 167 vulnerable young people and 59 adults with an enduring mental illness. For perinatal and infant mental health service, Raphael Services this meant delivering 30,774 counselling sessions to 2,595 parents. 

Our community mental health services supported 1,142 clients with their emotional wellbeing over 9,127 sessions and our Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal Network (DAWN) and South West Community Alcohol and Drug Service (SWCADS) supported 1,873 clients to reduce or stop their alcohol and drug use. 

In Timor-Leste, our team facilitated a 34% improvement in patient safety compliance at the national hospital and trained 88% of its nurses in medication safety core competencies. 

“We are proud to work with some of the most vulnerable people within our communities to provide support, care and hope when they need it most,” Sue said. 

“Without the ongoing support of St John of God Health Care, our services would not be able to achieve the results they do or make such a significant impact. 

“Every caregiver within our organisation, every doctor, every Visiting Medical Officer and every patient directly contributes to the work we do within Social Outreach. On behalf of my team and on behalf of the clients we serve, I offer them my sincere thanks and gratitude.

“The services we provide truly do help change the trajectory of the lives of some of the most vulnerable people within our communities.”

St John of God Social Outreach at a glance


  • Horizon House supports vulnerable young people to realise their potential.
  • Casa Venegas helps people with enduring mental health issues, who are risk of homelessness, regain hope, independence and a meaningful life.

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