How Saint John of God inspires us today

St John of God Health Care celebrates the life and legacy of Saint John of God every year on 8 March, taking the time to stop and reflect on his life and how his actions continue to inspire us today.

6 March 2020 St John of God Day 2020 

The theme for this year's celebrations is Compassion in action to remind us of the importance of responding to the needs of others through honouring their dignity and treating them with respect.

St John of God Health Care Group Chief Executive Officer Dr Shane Kelly said the compassion Saint John of God demonstrated to the sick and injured in Spain who he cared for continues to inspire our caregivers today.

"John identified with the people he served - he saw himself as one of them. John worked from a position of simplicity, rather than strength," he said.

"The resources he had to draw on were care, respect, kindness and faith. John cared for those he could, and called on the people of Granada with greater resources to help those that he couldn’t. John helped others to be compassionate, too. John treated everyone he met with dignity and respect, and he enjoyed what he did. John’s humour and laughter were as familiar to the people of Granada as his acts of compassion and kindness.

"Just as John did, we must always seek to learn about the person we serve.

"I am proud of the compassion and care that our caregivers show each day to our patients and clients, and their families or loved ones; as well as towards each other."

Each year, St John of God Health Care celebrates the Saint’s Feast Day, in recognition of St John of God’s mission to alleviate suffering and comforting the sick in Spain in the 1500s.