Working together as a community

The opportunities for all St John of God Health Care hospitals to work together as a community are starting to be realised since the creation of the new Chief Operating Officer Hospitals role.

St John of God Health Care Chief Operating Officer Hospitals Bryan Pyne

12 April 2019

Bryan Pyne was appointed to the role in late August 2018 having earlier that year been appointed as the Eastern Hospitals Executive Director after working for 10 years as the Group Director of Finance.

The role is designed to provide a single point of integration for all hospitals and facilitate a focus on hospital key result areas, including clinical excellence and patient safety and outcomes.

This has resulted, Bryan said, in his initial focus on building a strong team to bring all hospitals together.

“This has involved changing some hospital and regional structures and finding new ways in which hospitals can work more closely and strongly together,” he said.

“In some instances this has meant changes in reporting structures such as Geraldton hospital now reporting into the Murdoch Chief Executive Officer and the Ballarat Chief Executive Officer now also being across Warrnambool and Bendigo hospitals.

“At the same time we have recruited to fill gaps such as our new Chief Executive Officer role across Burwood and Richmond hospitals.”

While Bryan acknowledges getting structural changes in place has consumed his initial few months, he is now looking for opportunities to develop our leaders.

Bryan said developing strong leaders within the new structure would enable the organisation to respond to the rapidly changing healthcare landscape.

“The market is changing quickly and the industry is likely to have a more challenging environment than previously experienced, so we need to adapt and be agile in terms of implementing change and working together,” he said.

“The one thing I am starting to build in the team is the recognition that we have to do things differently, which could mean services and support is delivered differently in hospitals too.

“For example, our business development and marketing functions are going to be critical going forward. The market has changed significantly in the past two years and this is something we are focusing on to collectively mature and extend the reach of our services to patients in our communities.”

When looking to the future, Bryan said the four key tenets of providing outstanding patient experience, excellent clinical outcomes, remaining good stewards of our resources and keeping our patients and caregivers safe, led by our Group Chief Executive Officer Dr Shane Kelly, would pave the way.

“Our challenges are not without hope,” Bryan said. “Whilst we already provide great services, there is a lot of opportunity in this organisation to do things differently and ultimately deliver improved patient care, and in turn reap the rewards for our patients.”

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