Celebrating Youth Week WA

It’s Youth Week and this year we are celebrating the achievements of some of the inspiring young people who live at St John of God Horizon House, which provides accommodation and support for at-risk young people at 11 locations in Victoria and WA.
Tia Horizon House resident

9 April 2019 

It was July last year when 18-year-old Tia found herself without employment and soon to be without a place to live.

She was on the verge of homelessness when she learned about the accommodation and support provided in the community by Horizon House.

Thanks to the support of our caregivers and her own perseverance, Tia was able to not only secure a place to live but also employment at St John of God Murdoch Hospital’s catering department.

“I was ineligible for Centrelink and had no financial support or income and needed a job. Because I had no money, I couldn’t attend TAFE either,” Tia said.

Stable accommodation and employment have helped Tia overcome adversity and learn the life skills she needs to become independent.

“I love my current job because I get to see the patients and newborns and I get to work on the wards and talk to colleagues, but more importantly, it’s provided me with an opportunity to be independent and control my finances and work towards some goals,” Tia said.

“I’m hoping to also get training in administration to hopefully broaden my job opportunities.”

Tia credits the Horizon House caregivers for supporting her to embrace new opportunities.

“Horizon House helped link me with job support services when I was struggling to find work and continues to provide me with stable support,” she said.

“I like the caregivers because they push me to do things out of my comfort zone and always have my best interest at heart.”

Tia hopes her experience will encourage other St John of God Health Care hospitals to hire more young people, especially those who live at Horizon House.

“I hope I can be a good example for St John of God Health Care to consider hiring more young people and help them gain the entry level skills they need to pursue further employment opportunities,” Tia said.

“I always get to work early and am always adaptable to shift changes.”

With accommodation and employment sorted, Tia is setting her sights on her next set of goals - to get her driver’s licence, buy a car, travel and live independently within the next 12 months. 

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