St John of God Health Care scoops award in recognition of our commitment to workplace diversity

As part of our commitment to creating a diverse workplace, we have collaborated with Edge Employment Solutions to create a different kind of future – one where people of all abilities contribute meaningfully.

2018 Edge Employment Solutions’ Leading Edge Employment Awards Large Business of the Year12 October 2018

Thanks to our commitment to creating a diverse workplace we have been crowned the 2018 Large Business of the Year, at Edge Employment Solutions’ Leading Edge Employment Awards.

Group Manager Social Justice Advocacy Neal Murphy is proud of the way our two organisations have come together to benefit others.

“Edge continues to support St John of God Healthcare in its intent to become an employer of choice for people with disability,” Neal said.

“We hope to continue our association long into the future, so we can continue to provide opportunities for people with disability to build their careers with us.

"Employers often overlook disabled employees for jobs due to myths surrounding their value to the team and the burden they will become.

"These myths are hard to dispel, resulting in many potentially great employees being unable to find work.

About Edge Employment and the award

Since 1984, Edge has secured more than 6,800 jobs for people with disability that pay at or above minimum wage.

The Edge Awards recognise Perth’s leading employers making a significant contribution to demonstrating the power of diversity through their commitment and support of disability employment.