Mental health focus this October

This October, Australia puts a spotlight on mental health and good emotional wellbeing with Mental Health Month recognised in New South Wales and Victoria, and Mental Health Week celebrated in Western Australia from 7 to 14 October.

St John of God Health Care Mental Health Week 2018

5 October

The focus in each State is on sharing stories and helping each other to improve emotional wellbeing.

St John of God Health Care Group Chief Executive Officer Dr Shane Kelly said recognising that your everyday activities and environments affect your emotional wellbeing is key to enhancing your mental health.

“One of the key messages this year is recognising that mental health starts where we live, learn, work and play and this is really important not only for those in our care at our mental health hospitals or community social outreach but also for our caregivers,” he said.

“We employ more than 13,000 caregivers and for many their workplace is where they spend the majority of their time.

“That is why this week we are encouraging our caregivers to reach out to each other and ask how they are going.”

Our caregivers share their mental health tips

Caregivers at our mental health hospital in Richmond have also shared their tips on how they stay emotionally well.

Clinical Nurse Consultant – Karen

  • Sleep enough
  • Talk it out
  • Write it out
  • Laugh
  • Give yourself permission to take timeout 

Clinical Nurse Consultant – Sean

  • Keep a healthy work life balance and when you are home, take the time to relax by doing things you love such as reading, playing with your kids, doing work around the house or spending time with friends.

Pastoral Services Coordinator – Ian

  • It’s OK to cry, it’s OK for your family to see you cry and it's OK to be vulnerable and to show your vulnerability. Hiding the pain, is not good, find someone you can trust to openly and honestly talk 
  • Tell your family and friends how you're really feeling. Seeking help is not a weakness, in fact it shows strength.