Values Day celebrations at Dili's national hospital

This year, for the first time, staff at Dili’s national hospital, the Hospital Nacional Guido Valadares (HNGV), planned and executed their own Values Day celebrations following several years of role modelling by the St John of God Social Outreach team.

14 September 2018

In previous years St John of God Social Outreach caregivers took the lead in organising an annual Values Day event to celebrate St John of God Health Care and the HNGV’s shared values of Excellence and Compassion.

Leading up to this year’s event the HNGV formed a small working group and with direction from the hospital’s Director of Nursing and Midwifery and some assistance from St John of God Health Care’s Mission Formation team in Dili co-ordinated the Values Day for 2018 choosing to celebrate the hospital’s organisational value of Commitment.

HNGV staff, patients and patients’ family members enjoyed the festivities and formalities which included an array of traditional food, music, speeches by hospital staff and the opportunity to hear feedback from patients and their families.

Values Day Celebrations at the HNGV, Timor-LesteThe significant event which aims to help connect and embed HNGV’s vision, mission and organisational values, follows the introduction of a motto for the hospital:

“Excellence in service, commitment, compassion and knowledge”.

The Nursing Development Program (NDP) team said they felt privileged to attend the celebration and to have played a role in the large gains in organisational maturity and culture made by Timor’s most important healthcare institution over the last several years.

The NDP will continue to promote mission and values as key components in embedding a culture of patient-focused care at the HNGV.

Timor-Leste is a post-conflict country and the level of service provided by its health institutions as well as the expectations from staff and patients of what good patient care looks like often differs from what we expect from hospitals in an Australian context.

St John of God Health Care’s capacity building work in Timor-Leste aims to assist the national hospital to improve quality of care delivered to their patients and is helped made possible by the ongoing support of ConocoPhillips.