Endoscopies the most common reason men come to private hospitals

New data shows the most common reason men come to our private hospitals is for quick access to colonoscopies and gastroscopies.

St John of God Health Care endoscopy 

14 June 2018 

These procedures involve a small camera placed inside the body to investigate and detect inflammation, ulcers or early cancer.

From January 2017 to May 2018, the procedures were done more than 28,000 times at our hospitals, with the most common reasons to investigate being positive screening test results (the “Faecal Occult Blood Test” or FOBT) and gastrointestinal symptoms.

St John of God Health Care Group Chief Executive Officer Dr Shane Kelly said the big number of procedures being done reflected uptake of the Federal Government’s bowel cancer screening test (FOBT), an increased awareness of gastrointestinal issues amongst men, and the convenience of having these procedures done in private hospitals.

“Colonoscopies and gastroscopies are common procedures that are used to diagnose a range of conditions relating to our gastrointestinal system which is an increased focus in our communities with more people becoming aware of how their gastrointestinal health can affect their overall wellbeing,” he said.

“Many are also choosing to have these short procedures done at our private hospitals because it gives them the choice to schedule it in at a time that suits them, around work and home life commitments, and with the specialist of their choice.

“Quick access to these procedures is vital to their health and wellbeing as well, as it gives the best opportunity for early detection and timely treatment which is particularly important in patients who are found to have early signs of cancer.

“The convenience of booking these procedures such as gastroscopies and colonoscopies in at a time that suits them, without having a significant wait, is just one of the great benefits of coming to our private hospitals."

Other common surgeries

Other common surgeries men choose to come to St John of God Health Care hospitals to undergo include:

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