Spending Advent in hospital

Director of Mission Integration Martin Loney shares his experience of how it feels as both a patient and caregiver to spend the lead up to Christmas in hospital.

St John of God Health Care Advent

20 December 2017

It is always difficult when one is separated from family and the familiar. It is even more so when one is ill.

Last year I spent much of Advent in hospital recovering from major surgery.

The fact that it was a time so focused on the journey to Christmas and the planning for gatherings of family and friends made the sense of separation that much keener.

The gift in the experience though was that looking forward to going home brought to life the message of hope that is a part of the season.

I particularly remember excitedly waiting to be discharged. For me it gave new meaning to Christmas Eve, a time of anticipation that heralds new life and new beginnings.

We share this important reflection with all of our caregivers and patients during Advent and hope our hospitality helps reduce that separation for our patients who are spending Advent and even Christmas with us this year.

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