Partnering with patients to provide high quality care

New resources giving patients information about how they can reduce their risk of acquiring pressure injuries alongside updated clinical tools have been developed for use across St John of God Health Care hospitals.

St John of God Health Care pressure injuries 

10 November 2017

New pressure injury prevention resources and updated clinical guidelines will further assist St John of God Health Care caregivers to provide high quality care.

The resources include posters for patients to help them understand their risk of developing a pressure injury during their hospital stay, and information and new education opportunities for nurses.

St John of God Health Care Group Director of Nursing Cynthia Dowell said raising awareness of pressure injury risk and prevention with patients through the new resources, and on days like World Wide Pressure Injury Prevention Day today is important.

“The resources and guidelines help nurses provide the best practice care, but just as important is raising awareness with our patients and the wider community about the risks of pressure injuries,” she said.

“By educating our patients on why we perform certain checks, such as skin inspection, why we want to know if they have tender skin and why it is important that they move regularly not only helps recovery outcomes but also empowers patients to feel in control and understand their health care.”

Cynthia said the new resources complement the work our Divisions commit to on a daily basis and include updated guidelines, developed over the past year.

“The new guidelines and resources are based on extensive research and best practice, developed by our nursing pressure injury clinicians with multidisciplinary advice and input froma dietitian, occupational therapist, podiatrist and nursing teams,” she said.

“This is all a part of our commitment to preventing our patients from developing pressure injuries,” she said.

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