A focus on welcoming all this Pastoral Care Week

This year the theme of Pastoral Care Week, from 22 to 28 October, is hospitality – which is also a core St John of God Health Care Value.

St John of God Health Care Pastoral Care Week 

20 October 2017 

Pastoral Care Week, celebrated worldwide, is a wonderful opportunity to promote the value of Pastoral services as a distinct feature of our Catholic identity and this year the theme is highlighting the importance of hospitality says St John of God Health Care Group Manager of Pastoral Services Eleanor Roderick.

“Hospitality, as we define it, means demonstrating a welcoming openness to all and is an integral part of our care offering, not just for pastoral practitioners, but for all caregivers,” Eleanor said.

“Taking the time to celebrate this Value as a part of Pastoral Care Week is a great reminder of how we can make a difference into the lives of our patients, visitors and fellow caregivers.”

Eleanor said each day our pastoral practitioners comfort and support patients and their families.

“Some of the occasions are happy whilst others are a reminder of the stark reality of life and the vulnerability of patients,” she said.

“This may be in our care for a family whose son is on life support in intensive care or a young woman with an intellectual disability who can longer be cared for by her elderly parents.”

Eleanor said the importance of celebrating hospitality as a part of Pastoral Care Week was particularly timely for her, having recently returned from a trip to Papua New Guinea.

“My experience in Madang was a far cry from my life in Perth where there were slums, hustle and bustle of people on the roadside selling food, children who were painfully thin – however I was always greeted with a wave and beaming smile,” she said.

“I was moved by a sense of community who welcomed us warmly. The humanity and love from such wonderful people was truly a very enriching experience for me personally.”

Did you know?

Pope Francis’ vision for Pastoral presence is a model that is inclusive, caring for all and authentic in its expression.