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Supporting spine health

18 May 2021 Podcast
Orthopaedics Podcast
Back and neck pain is extremely common in Australia and can cause significant physical disability. In fact, back and neck pain is the most common cause of early retirement.

In our latest health and wellness podcast episode, St John of God Subiaco Hospital Spinal Surgeon Dr Greg Cunningham discusses spine health, including treatments to reduce pain and discomfort, advancements in spinal technology, spinal surgery, rehab and recovery.

Learn more about orthopaedic surgery at St John of God Subiaco Hospital.

Dr Greg Cunningham - Spinal surgeon
Dr Greg Cunningham is a spinal surgeon with unique experience having completed both orthopaedic and neurosurgery spinal fellowship training. He is experienced in treating all manner of spinal problems including the most complex or those requiring a second opinion. Greg has a special interest in surgery of the cervical spine and the treatment of athletes spinal conditions to return them to peak performance.
Greg is passionate about delivering a tailored approach to your spinal care. With his unique training he is able to offer treatments that promote a rapid recovery and return to your activities. He utilises some of the most advanced techniques in spinal surgery available worldwide. These include motion preserving disc replacements, minimal access or “key-hole” surgery and computer-assisted 3D navigated surgery. Greg has been on the forefront of advancements in spinal technology, this includes being a part of the small team of surgeons to first introduce robotic spinal surgery in the UK.
Having grown up in Western Australia and studied medicine at the University of Western Australia, Greg understands the importance of mobility and comfort to make the most of an active lifestyle in WA.
Greg first became a specialist orthopaedic surgeon, spending 7 years training in Queensland and Western Australia. He then worked as a specialist orthopaedic surgeon in Western Australia treating a multitude of orthopaedic conditions including traumatic and sporting injuries, hip and knee arthritis with joint replacements, shoulder and upper limb conditions such as rotator cuff tears and carpal tunnel compression. His broad training and experience allows him to consider all conditions that may affect your care.
After practicing as a general orthopaedic surgeon, Greg spent 2 years abroad undertaking international sub-specialty neurosurgical and orthopaedic fellowship training in spinal surgery at some of the worlds most renowned centres.