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What do I need to know about orthopaedic surgery and technology?

04 March 2021 Blog
Our Chief Operating Officer Hospitals Bryan Pyne explains why St John of God Health Care is investing in orthopaedic surgery technology to enhance patient outcomes and experience.

First off, robots in orthopaedic surgery

Many of our hospitals have invested in robotic-assisted surgical technologies which help surgeons plan and carry out their surgeries.

In orthopaedics, our Bunbury, BallaratGeelongMurdochSubiacoBerwick, and Bendigo hospitals have a variety of orthopaedic assist robots.

While these robots differ in the intricacies of how they operate, they all help surgeons plan their surgery and make precision incisions to reduce the impact on muscles and tissue surrounding the affected joints.

Our surgeons are undertaking research into the ongoing benefits of these technologies, including looking at reductions in pain, improvements in range of movement and reduction in hospital length of stay. 

As this research is released, we will start to understand more about the potential benefits of these technologies.


What other investments in technology should I know about?

At St John of God Health Care, we have invested in a range of technologies in our theatres to give our surgeons access to the latest techniques. 

This includes surgical equipment, new and renovated theatres, improvements to our sterilising departments and digital monitors to track progress through theatres so surgeons know exactly what is happening.

Investments in things you can’t see are just as important

Investing in equipment and technology is the tangible output of our focus on improving patient outcomes and experience when they come to our hospitals.

However, we also provide opportunities for our surgeons and our nurses to lead and take part in research to look at what we can do better to enhance our patient outcomes.

This includes research into robotic technology, clinical trials assessing the effectiveness of medications, and even how care after surgery can be enhanced to improve patient outcomes.

In addition to supporting research, we provide the most up-to-date training and education for our caregivers to ensure they provide every patient with care that is not only compassionate but is evidence-based and proven to be effective.

St John of God Health Care Chief Operating Officer Hospital Bryan Pyne
Bryan Pyne - Chief Operating Officer Hospitals

Bryan Pyne is the St John of God Health Care Chief Operating Officer Hospitals. He has more than 20 years' experience in finance including more than 15 years with St John of God Health Care, including as Group Director of Finance since 2007. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and was the recipient of the 2010 40 under 40 Award (WA).