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Goals of patient care

24 March 2021 Blog
At the centre of goals of care is the most important person, you.

At St John of God Health Care we respect and honour the dignity of each person we serve, and our commitment remains to care for all patients who require our service in line with our Mission and the values that underpin our organisation.

Key to this is taking care of you in the way you want us to, which is why Goals of Patient Care is an essential conversation for us to have with you and your loved ones. It is important this conversation occurs before your admission to hospital, so that your wishes are met should there be a deterioration in your condition while you are in hospital.

When we think about your goals of care, it’s important to consider your values and wishes, and the things you want to happen in terms of the kind of life you want to live. We need to be able to align medical intervention and treatment to a particular goal or value or lifestyle that is important to you. Your needs, wishes and preferences are the most important elements in deciding your goals of care and we are committed to caring for you. 

The biggest benefit for you, in having a goals of care conversation is that your clinicians will understand your preferences and wishes and can work to ensure that the treatment you receive reflects these. We want to provide the best care, and care experience, for you. 

We recognise that it can be distressing to consider future treatment and care options, and that you don’t want to upset those you love by talking about your future care needs. That is why, at St John of God Health Care, we are here to help you and your loved ones. We want to honour you, to respect your wishes and preferences and to provide the very best care that we can.  

As a patient at one of our hospitals, you and your family will be cared for with skill and compassion.  We will continue to care for you and have open discussions with you about your illness and your treatment options, and will always put your comfort and health needs first.

If you would like more information about Goals of Care or Advance Care Planning, you can visit the following sites:

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Louise Angus - Project Manager - Palliative Care at St John of God Health Care
Louise Angus is the Project Manager - Palliative Care at St John of God Health Care