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Why should I choose a private obstetrician?

17 December 2021 Blog
By choosing to have your maternity care with a private obstetrician, you’re able to develop a relationship with the specialist who cares for you during pregnancy and birth, and beyond.

Obstetrician Dr Melissa O’Neill explains the benefits and reasons why choosing a private obstetrician is an important choice for many families.

When I meet women and their partners at their first appointment in pregnancy, they are usually incredibly excited, but may also have underlying feelings of uncertainty as they embark on the pregnancy journey.

This can be coupled with symptoms of early pregnancy. Being able to reassure my patients that what they are feeling is normal and provide them the information they need, including what to expect from me and my care, is the start of the relationship I build with them over the months ahead.

The relationship is what makes our model of care unique, and enables us to provide high quality, empathetic and individualised care for women and their families.

It’s a great privilege to care for women in this time, and often over a number of pregnancies, as their family grows.

Some of the other reasons that women choose private obstetrician care:

  • Reassurance that an experienced obstetrician is leading your care – a private obstetrician is a medical specialist, who has years of training and experience, and is well placed to expertly guide you through your pregnancy and birth.
  • Get a direct line to an experienced, expert obstetrician if things don’t feel quite right – private obstetricians usually offer their patients a way to get in touch with them directly when things don’t feel quite right. For example, many of my patients make contact in the early weeks if have early pregnancy concerns such as bleeding, and I can get them into my office for a reassuring ultrasound.
  • Get to choose your preferred birthing option – private obstetricians take the time to listen to your expectations for birth and will be supportive of your birth preferences. Our continuity of care ensures you will feel well supported in labour.
  • Visits by your obstetrician in hospital after birth – as you recover in hospital after the birth of your baby (you usually get to stay three to five days), your obstetrician continues your care by overseeing your recovery and postnatal care. I very much enjoy this opportunity to be a part of your transition to parenthood.

To access these benefits browse our private obstetricians, go to our Find a specialist search.

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Dr Melissa O'Neill - Obstetrician
Dr Melissa O’Neill is a specialist obstetrician committed to providing excellent care throughout pregnancy, labour and beyond. Dr O’Neill practices all aspects of specialist obstetric care including antenatal care, labour, delivery and postnatal care. She works closely with a team of midwives and experienced administration, who are just as passionate about the provision of exceptional care through this important time in a patient’s life. Dr O’Neill works exclusively through St John of God Subiaco Hospital because she believes it offers exceptional care for women in labour and postnatally.