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Breastfeeding and midwifery support to your door

05 December 2022

Did you know that our midwives and lactation consultants now do home visits in Perth, Peel and Bunbury? Taryn Sparrowhawk explains why we love supporting new mums in their home.

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The saying, it takes a village to raise a child, is true today just as it was thousands of years ago.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, particularly with the restrictions in place due to COVID-19, our village is a little small.

You and your family may not have access to experienced and trusted people in your lives to help guide you through the early days, weeks and months of parenting.

That is why it is so important that you know they can call St John of God Healthcare at Home to get access to that expert advice through our home visiting midwives and lactation consultants.

Why do women call for midwife support at home?

Midwives are there, in hospital or at home, to help mums with any concerns they might have about their own wellbeing or that of their baby.

So you might be worried about your recovery, small pains or niggles that just don’t feel 100 per cent but you are not sure warrant a visit to a doctor.

Or you might be a bit concerned that your baby isn’t growing or putting on weight as you expect.

Our midwives visit you at home to check these concerns, give you tips to address any issues, or give you the advice you need to get extra help.

Can home visits allow me to leave the hospital early?

If you want to go home early from hospital, so you can recover at home in your comfortable surrounds or spend time with other family members, you may be able to do so with support from home visits by midwives.

The costs for these visits may be included in your hospital fees. Check with your hospital if you are interested in this.

Why do women call for lactation consultants at home?

This is a big one! Our lactation consultants are experts at helping women with the challenges of breastfeeding.

You might have had a bit of trouble getting feeding right before you left hospital, or your baby has changed their behaviour and now they aren’t feeding like they used to, or you just aren’t sure you doing it right.

Our lactation consultants come and visit you in your home, observe how your baby feeds, and give you real, practical and hands on advice that you can use straightaway.

They can also follow up with additional visits, telehealth appointments or phone calls.

Do they have to come to the home?

Firstly, if you are worried that your house isn’t tidy or that you are still in your pyjamas from the night before – don’t! We know that being a parent is tough, particularly those early days, weeks and months.

We visit you in your home so that you don’t have to worry about getting dressed, getting bags packed and organised to leave your house.

But if you prefer to get out and about, we also offer in-clinic consultations.

We love supporting new mums and their families, and empowering them to feel confident and independent.

And trust us, there is nothing more rewarding than knowing we have helped a baby bond with their parents.

How can I pay?

As I mentioned before, some visits may be included in your hospital fees if you choose to leave early.

Some private hospital insurance funds cover the costs of a set number of home visits. Check with your health fund.

You can also choose to pay for visits directly. You can find out more on our St John of God Healthcare at Home page.

St John of God Health Care Taryn Sparrowhawk
Taryn Sparrowhawk - Midwife
Tarryn is a Registered Midwife and Clinical Nurse Specialist who works at St John of God Healthcare at Home.