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The role of clinical trials podcast

24 February 2020 Podcast
Research Podcast
Clinical trials help to determine whether new and existing medicines and medical practices are safe and effective in treating particular diseases and conditions.

Even though medicines are thoroughly tested in laboratories, in human clinical trials assist doctors to better understand whether new treatments provide better outcomes for patients than current ones.

In our latest health and wellness podcast episode, St John of God Subiaco Hospital Director of Clinical Trials Professor Steve Webb provides insights into the importance of clinical trials, how clinical trials work and what questions to ask before getting involved.

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Head shot of Dr Steve Webb
Professor Steve Webb - Group Research Director

Dr Steve Webb is an ICU specialist, a Professor of Critical Care Research at Monash University, Director of Research for St John of God Health Care, and Chair of the Australian Clinical Trials Alliance. 

He designs and conducts clinical trials that generate evidence to improve patient outcomes.  He has been an investigator on trials with an accumulated sample size of more than 60,000 patients, is a named investigator on more than $145 million of competitive research funding, and has published more than 250 manuscripts, including multiple manuscripts in The New England Journal of Medicine (10) and Journal of the American Medical Association (12), that have been cited more than 60,000 times.

As Group Director of Research, his vision is that research will be purpose driven for impact, focusing on generating and implementing evidence that will improve patient outcomes at St John of God Health Care.