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The benefits of getting better at home

26 August 2020

Home nursing
For most of us, being unwell, having a procedure or surgery, or a stay in hospital can be a stressful experience. The sooner we can get home, the better. Nurse Manager Leanne Sizeland at St John of God Healthcare at Home in Ballarat says there are many benefits to receiving care at home.

“We see patients recover well in the comfort of their own home, surrounded by loved ones and in familiar surroundings,” Leanne says.

“Not only do patients receive the clinical care they need but they also feel reassured that they are progressing well and if there are any issues, we will flag them with their treating doctor.”

“Alleviating the worry enables you to focus on your recovery and ultimately leads to better health outcomes.”

So, what are the benefits of being cared for at home?

1. It improves your experience of care and may decrease the risk of being readmitted to hospital 

When you return home, you are also more likely to get a better night’s sleep, giving you more energy to get up and about the next day. In addition, it has been shown that you may eat better and walk more which helps you maintain conditioning. This, in turn, can promote healing, both physically and mentally.
Evidence demonstrates home health care decreases the risk of hospital readmission and shows statistically significant improvements in quality of life and patient satisfaction.

2. Offers you personalised care

When a health professional visits you in your home, you will receive individualised, one-on-one care, specific to your needs, without getting lost in the busy environment of a hospital.

3. You can be with your loved ones

Being surrounded by your family and other loved ones is a key element in the process of healing. Having the support of others you know and trust can go a long way to make you feel comfortable and safe.

4. Provides support if you do not have help at home

Not all of us have family at home and friends who are able to help.
Professional clinical care aside, social interaction can help you stay healthy at any stage of life. There are significant benefits to having a friendly face check in on you regularly and can be an added bonus to your healing journey.

5. You can get back to your home comforts and do things at your own pace and schedule

We all like to sleep in our own bed and have our own things around us. We also like to do things when we like to do them. In hospital, there are usually set meal times and lights go out at a certain hour. At home, you can plan your day according to how you are feeling; whether you are hungry or tired or simply want to watch television at 2am.

6. Medication management

Managing multiple prescriptions can be confusing to manage. Home health care professionals can ensure the right medications are being taken at the right times to control health conditions and prevent harmful drug interactions. 

7. Gives your family peace of mind

These days, many families are separated by different cities, states or even countries. Even if they are in the same town as you, families are also often busy, managing the demands of modern life. Getting help at home can relieve the pressure on your family to provide you with care and help you to remain independent.

St John of God Healthcare at Home’s range of treatments, therapies and services for patients at home is extensive and varied, and beneficial at any age.
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Leanne Sizeland - Nurse Manager
Leanne Sizeland is the Nurse Manager at St John of God Healthcare at Home in Ballarat.