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What exercises to do after knee surgery

04 October 2019 Blog
Physiotherapist Sarah Sestanovich goes through the four most common exercises you will do after knee replacement surgery.

This series of exercises is designed to help decrease stiffness in the knee after surgery and strengthen the muscles around the knee. Watch our video to see our step-by-step guide. Make sure you seek advise from your physiotherapist or doctor before starting these exercises.

1. Knee flexion exercise

For this exercise, you slide you foot along the bed and try to bend the knee as much as possible. You want to aim for about a 90 degree bend.

Then slide your foot back down.

The aim of this exercises is to decrease the stiffness in the knee and get it moving again.

 2. Knee extension

This exercise helps to strengthen the front of the thigh.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, bend your knee to raise your lower leg up.

Hold that pose for three seconds to get the muscle working and then lower your leg again.

3. Heel raises

This exercise is done standing up and holding onto a bar or a stable surface in front of you so you don't lose your balance.

Simply rise up on your toes, hold for a moment and then lower your heel back to the floor.

This exercise helps to tighten your calves and support your knee. It will also provide a bit of a stretch too.

4. Squats

With a squat, your aim is to pretend like you are sitting back into a chair.

Make sure your back is nice and straight, your heels are on the ground and bend your knees to lower yourself towards the floor going no further than 90 degrees.

This is a more advanced exercise which strengthens the front of your thigh.