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Celebrating International Midwives Day 2018

03 May 2018 Blog
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International Midwives Day 2018

What do you love about being a midwife?

Midwife means "with women."  We respect women and have a strong belief that this healthy process is a "profound and precious event in each women's life."  I have been a midwife for 40 years and it continues to be a privilege to be present at every birth and share this emotional, spiritual and physical experience with the women, her baby and her family.

What are some of the biggest changes you have been in you career?

The biggest changes in my Midwifery career include the partners being welcomed into the Maternity Unit and taking on an greater role in caring for their partner and their baby. Women are now given the opportunity to focus on their own needs ,expectations and wishes.   We recognise their right to make informed decisions for themselves and their baby in collaboration with their health professionals.

What does International Midwives Day mean to you?

Midwives are passionate about their role, keen to keep women well informed, enabling them to make informed decisions.  International Midwives Day celebrations recognise this committment midwives have to women.  Many long frienships are made and a mother always remembers her midwife who has supported and coached her through this amazing experience.
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