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Don’t worry, just call the midwife

06 April 2018

Sometimes it is hard to know when to call the maternity unit if you have a concern about your pregnancy. Midwife Manager Julie Rakic says if you have a concern, it is always best to call.

Pregnancy brings about a big range of changes in your physical and emotional health, some small and some a bit bigger and potentially concerning.

Midwife Manager Julie Rakic says if pregnant women have a concern about any of these changes, their health or the health of their unborn baby, they should call their maternity ward for advice.

“All pregnant women need to know they can call the hospital or come in if they are concerned about any aspect of their pregnancy,” she says.

“We want women to feel comfortable and safe with our care and know that we will respond to them. Advice is available 24 hours a day from highly experienced midwives and doctors.”


Julie says there are a few particular signs and symptoms that women should be aware of and contact their maternity ward if they notice.

“We definitely want to hear from you if you notice any reduction in your baby’s movements, any loss of blood or fluid, any pain that does not feel a normal part of stretching or growing, constant pain and of course contractions,” she says.

Julie says midwives or doctors can then make recommendations of what to do next, which may include advice and reassurance, asking you to come into hospital or a recommendation to go to an emergency department.

And if you think you are labour?

“If you think you are labour, call the maternity ward and they will let you know your best course of action. If the pain is too much to bear or you have vaginal loss you will need to go into hospital straight away so make sure you have your bag packed.”

St John of God Health Care Julie Rakic
Julie Rakic - Midwife

Julie is a midwife at St John of God Midland Public Hospital. She has more than 40 years’ experience as a midwife and nurse and was a finalist in the 2017 WA Nursing and Midwifery Excellence Awards.