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Using your hospital stay to learn everything you need to know as a new mum

28 September 2017

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Lactation Consultant Julianne Slater explains why new mums should take advantage of the support and assistance provided by nurses and midwives in hospital.

The birth of a baby, the birth of a family, is more than an occasion – it is a journey, an evolving relationship. The birth is just the beginning.

Breastfeeding is the continuation of that evolving relationship for many of the families in our care at St John of God Health Care.

The breastfeeding relationship begins with a first important meeting at birth. Our caregivers facilitate the chance for mum and bub to have that vital first hour together wherever possible and make family time a priority.

During the hospital stay as a private patient, new mums and families benefit from the generous time to navigate the learning days. Our experienced midwives spend time teaching and supporting both parents and babies through the myriad possibilities that baby feeding can present.

No two mothers or newborns are alike. Everyone has to learn, and with many things to try and emotions to be navigated, it is easy to become bewildered. With patience, persistence and guidance most mums and babies find their way through those early days to a bond that is rewarding as it is health giving to both mother and baby.

St John of God Health Care is proud to have a very high breastfeeding rate amongst the families in its care. The privilege of being part of a successful breastfeeding relationship, from what can be sometimes a challenging start, is one of great satisfaction for all involved.

St John of God Health Care
Julianne Slater - Midwife

Julianne is a midwife and lactation consultant at St John of God Ballarat Hospital and has more than 12 years’ experience as a lactation consultant. She initially became interested in midwifery to complement her skills as a paediatric nurse but soon realised that midwifery was her passion. She has a particular focus on the birth suite and breastfeeding.