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Healthy living after cancer

05 October 2016

Cancer care
Cancer Council’s Healthy Living after Cancer program supports people to make healthier lifestyle choices.


Getting back to a healthy lifestyle after cancer is one of the most important things you can do for your health.

Healthy Living after Cancer can help you to be more active, eat better and feel better, so that you can do more of the things that are important to you.

Healthy Living after Cancer is a free telephone coaching program offered by Cancer Council WA.

It is suitable for  adults (18 years and over) who have finished cancer treatment and would like support to be more active and eat more healthily. Cancer Council’s nurses work with participants to help them set and work towards meeting their healthy lifestyle goals.

Healthy Living after Cancer runs over a six month period and, since the program is delivered entirely by telephone, it is available to people wherever they live in WA. The program is funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council, and is offered by Cancer Councils in WA, SA, NSW and Victoria, in conjunction with the University of Queensland.

Who can take part?

The Healthy Living after Cancer program suits people who would like support to make lifestyle changes, are willing to make the six month commitment to the program, and are able to safely take part in unsupervised physical activity.

The program is designed for people who have completed surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy for any type of cancer. Those who are having hormonal treatment or Herceptin can also take part.

What does the program involve?

The program begins with an eligibility questionnaire on the telephone.

Once participants have consented to take part, a Cancer Council Nurse works with participants to complete an assessment of current physical activity levels and diet.

Participants then receive up to 12 coaching calls with their Cancer Council Nurse, at a time convenient to them.

Calls take place each week for the first month, then fortnightly for months two and three, and then monthly for the last three months.

During each call, Cancer Council Nurses provide support and motivation to help each person work towards their goals.

At the end of the program, another assessment is completed so that participants can see the positive changes they have made over the six months. Many people who have completed the program have reported that their fitness, confidence and wellbeing have improved.

How can I take part?

Please call the Cancer Nurses on 13 11 20, or visit Cancer Council’s website where you can register your interest.

What other support does Cancer Council offer?

Cancer Council WA has many services and programs to support people and their families affected by cancer.

The Life Now program offers free classes such as exercise, yoga and meditation to people with cancer and their carers. Nurses provide support, information, and can refer callers into support programs.

Tel: 13 11 20 

Web: www.cancerwa.asn.au