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Celebrating Easter Sunday

21 April 2019 Blog
Pastoral services
Easter Sunday is the high point in the Christian calendar. It is the day Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Director of Mission Integration Group Services Martin Loney explains why Easter Sunday is a day to celebrate at St John of God Health Care facilities.

Easter Sunday announces a renewed sense of hope for the future and provides us with the opportunity to share that hope through extending hospitality to our friends, family and strangers.

What does this look like?

Extending hospitality can be a small gesture such as calling a family member or friend who you have not spoken to in some time to wish them a happy Easter.

It can also be expressed through inviting those you care about into your home for a celebration.

Or it can be an opportunity to connect with neighbours in your community.

What does hospitality look like in our hospitals and services?

As we do throughout the year, we extend our hospitality to those in our care, mindful that they may be separated from family and friends, by caring for them and listening to their experiences.

At St John of God Health Care we aim to walk with, care for and care about people in times of personal challenge and uncertainty.

Our kindness and care can help to bring healing to those we serve.

The original Easter story reminds us never to abandon people in times of darkness or despair, to walk compassionately with them and, in doing so play a part in sharing the hope that was reborn on the first Easter Sunday.


St John of God Health Care
Martin Loney - Director of Mission Integration
Martin Loney is a Director of Mission Integration at St John of God Health Care. He has previously worked at St John of God Murdoch Hospital and at St John of God Hauora Trust, and currently works across the organisation's Group Services.
St John of God Health Care
Martin Loney Director of Mission Integration