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Don’t jump in your car after orthopaedic surgery

After orthopaedic surgery on your knee or hip you may find everyday tasks such as getting into your car more difficult.

Occupational therapists can show you how you can make small adjusts to your movements so you can get into your car smoothly.

We get into our cars so frequently that we don’t really stop to think about how we may need to change our movements after surgery.

Orthopaedic surgery on your hip or knee can mean you have less mobility – particularly in the days and weeks during your rehabilitation.

In order to reduce the pain and risk of re-injuring your joints, follow these easy steps to get into your car.

  • Step 1 – Push the front passenger seat back as far as possible so you have plenty of room for your body and legs
  • Step 2 – Sit on the seat with your bottom first (leaning backwards if you have had your hip replaced)
  • Step 3 – Slowly bring your legs into the car
  • Step 4 – Ask for help if you need and then enjoy your ride.