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Negotiating stairs after orthopaedic surgery

It is easy to forget how taxing walking up and down stairs can be on your body. However, after orthopaedic surgery on your knee or hips, it quickly hits home.

9 Feb 2021

Physiotherapist Toby Vague explains the best way to tackle stairs after surgery – remember only do these tasks once your physiotherapist has given you the green light.

Importantly, when you first take the stairs make sure you have a walking stick or crutches to aid you. You should be comfortable using these aids before you negotiate getting up or down stairs.

Going up

  1. Step up with your good leg
  2. Then follow with your operated leg
  3. Then place the stick or crutch on the same step as your legs

Going down

  1. Put your stick or crutches down first
  2. Followed by your sore leg
  3. Then your good leg
Toby Vague Manager Allied Health

About the Author

Toby is the Manager Allied Health at St John of God Geelong Hospital. He has a background of nearly 20 years' experience as a physiotherapist working predominantly in orthopaedics and rehabilitation.