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His journey, our journey, united in shared purpose

08 March 2022 Blog
Pastoral services
Today, 8 March, is St John of God Day.
It’s a day on which we take the time to reflect on the life and legacy of our patron saint, and how the way that he cared for his community influences the way we seek to care for those we serve today.  

We celebrate the legacy of care that St John of God shares with each of us on 8 March: the day that is both his birthday and the date on which he died. 

This year’s theme really resonates with me. His journey, our journey, united in shared purpose.

John of God devoted his life to caring for people who were ignored by the rest of the community. He cared for the people that others walked past and saw himself as one of them, someone who had experienced mental illness, social isolation and separation from family, and someone who had no place to call home.

If we are searching for our way in life, having trouble coping or making sense of our current experience, John’s story offers us hope and strength.  As caregivers of St John of God Health Care, we seek to bring about healing, hope and compassion in the lives of others, just as John did.

As caregivers, we share the journey with our patients and clients. Through caring for them and being a listening ear to them, we walk alongside them, whatever they may be experiencing. Without judgement, but with compassion, warmth and respect.

To our caregivers, happy St John of God Day and I hope that you take an opportunity to celebrate with one another as we renew our shared commitment to bring love and light into the lives of those we serve.
Marcelle Mogg - St John of God Health Care Group Director of Mission Integration
Marcelle Mogg - Group Director Mission Integration
Marcelle Mogg is St John of God Health Care's Group Director Mission Integration. Appointed to the role in November 2016, Marcelle has 26 years' experience in professional leadership and management of large-scale health and social service organisations in the Catholic not-for-profit sector.