Grateful for the move to the sunshine

Tracey is a Clinical Documentation Specialist Nurse at St John of God Murdoch Hospital. She says she has never worked anywhere like our Murdoch hospital and there isn’t a day that goes by where her family aren’t grateful for making the move to sunny Australia, from the UK. 

2 Nov 2022

Why did you join us? 

My first experience was as a patient in the Emergency Department and I was blown away by the way I was treated. I thought ‘this is the place I want to work’.

What do you enjoy most about working with us? 

I love the culture here at St John of God Murdoch Hospital. Culture is the most important thing. Everyone's part of a big happy family.

What opportunities have you received while working with us? 

I started as a Registered Nurse and then I was promoted to a Case Management Coordinator. Four years ago, I was promoted to a Clinical Documentation Specialist Nurse.

What do you love about living in Perth? 

I love living in Perth - it's sunny, it's warm and you don't have to pay to go and do things. 

My kids are now 31 and 29 and they say there's not a day that goes by where they're not grateful to me for bringing them to Australia [from the UK] to live.

What do you want other people to know about working with St John of God Health Care? 

Working for St John of God Health Care is just the best. I've never worked anywhere like it and I would never want to work anywhere else.

How do you socialise with your team outside of work? 

I've made lots of friends in the last 14 years since I've worked at St John of God Murdoch Hospital that have become family. We hang out on the weekends, we walk the dogs, we go to the beach, we go for breakfast and sometimes, we go out for amazing cocktails.

What does St John of God Health Care do to make you feel cared about in the workplace? 

We have an awesome wellbeing culture here at Murdoch. We feel cared about every day and have access to amazing courses that only we can provide in Australia. These courses are called LEO [Leading an Empowered Organization], ‘See Me as a Person’ and more.
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