Chelsee’s home away from home

St John of God Subiaco Hospital welcomed Registered Nurse and Midwife Chelsee back to the hospital with open arms after a short stint of working in the country.

5 Oct 2022

Chelsee returned to the hospital because, she said, it felt like home – a secure and comfortable environment where everything was done consistently, and her family of colleagues remained. 

“I love feeling safe when I come into work – no matter my practise, there’s a good team around and great specialists, who are always there helping you out,” she said.

When asked about working in Subiaco, Chelsee said that she loved the proximity to the city and the beach, coupled with a convenient trip to the freeway back home.

“The hospital is a really beautiful hospital, it’s a great place the work, there are really lovely staff all the way from the doctors to the midwives,” she said.

“Everyone is on the same page, everyone is here for the same reason and it’s just a really friendly, safe, welcoming environment.”

Chelsee and her colleagues meet for dinner every few months and love a general chat over coffee, as well as a boogie at the hospital’s annual caregiver Christmas party.

“Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the executives introduced a caregiver resus trolley, which is a fun little trolley that comes around on particularly busy days with snacks, water, chocolates, treats,” she said.

“There is always someone making sure that you’re going okay and there to offer assistance if you need it.”

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