Parent education

Parents often need a range of support, information and guidance when it comes to preparing for the arrival of their new baby, particularly if it is their first. 

Midwife with mothers during parent education

We offer comprehensive antenatal parent education services to help you prepare for your pregnancy, baby’s birth and first few weeks of parenthood. We also offer postnatal support and education for when you return home with your new baby. 

All our education sessions are hosted by experienced midwives and can include special presentations from other health professionals, including anaesthetists, physiotherapists and psychologists. Our parent education packages and standalone sessions are only open to mothers giving birth at St John of God Subiaco Hospital.

Antenatal parent education

Our antenatal classes are available in packages, which we have customised to assist with your pregnancy journey. 

Packages ($232)

We have two packages available, birth and parenting and multiple birth and parenting.

Each includes:

Further information on sessions included

Healthy pregnancy and beyond seminar

This seminar is aimed at those in the second trimester and covers everything you need to know for a healthy pregnancy. Attend this seminar first.

Topics include introduction to parenting, physical wellbeing, emotional health, healthy eating, breastfeeding preparation, nursery and child safety. This session is presented by a hospital midwife with guest speakers including a psychologist and physiotherapist. Light refreshments provided.

Days and times: Tuesdays 6.45pm to 9.00pm. See booking form for dates.

Epidurals, caesareans and FAQs 

This class is perfect for those in their last trimester who are planning an epidural or caesarean. Attend this class after the birth and parenting course/workshop or multiple births workshop.

This session is presented by a hospital midwife and an anaesthetist.

Days and times: 12.45pm to 3.00pm once a month on a Saturday. See booking form for dates.

Antenatal morning tea 

This informal session gives you the opportunity to meet other pregnant women and ask an experienced midwife those last minute questions about the last trimester of your pregnancy, labour and birth. This session is facilitated by a hospital midwife. Light refreshments provided.

Days and times: 10.00am to 12.00pm every Wednesday. No bookings required.

Birth and parenting or multiple birth and parenting workshop

This workshop covers everything you need to know about birth and parenting, so you feel prepared for what lies ahead. It is suitable for those in their last trimester.

The multiple birth and parenting package includes specific information for parents expecting more than one baby.

Topics include:

  • What to expect during labour and birth 
  • Pain relief options
  • The role of the support person
  • Postnatal care of mum and baby
  • Breastfeeding and breast care
  • Safe sleeping, nursery and child safety
  • Infant behaviour and cues, early brain development
  • Sleep cycles and settling
  • Emotional wellbeing of mum and family, including postnatal depression
  • Preterm babies and specialised care (multiple births and parenting package only)
  • Preparing siblings for a new baby (multiple births and parenting package only)

These workshops include a tour of our Maternity Unit, and the birth and parenting package can also be done as a three-week evening course. Light refreshments provided.

Days and times

Birth and parenting

  • Three-week evening course: Monday or Wednesday 6.15pm to 9.00pm. A new course begins every three weeks.
  • One-day workshop: 9.00am to 4.00pm once a month on a Friday, every two weeks on a Saturday.

See booking form for dates.

Multiple birth and parenting

  • 9.00am to 4.00pm every two months on a Friday. See booking form for dates.

Standalone sessions

On top of our packages, we also offer standalone sessions for those early in their pregnancy, those who have previously had a baby, those interested in breastfeeding information only, and for grandparents.

Lifestyle and early pregnancy seminar

This session is only suitable for those thinking about falling pregnant or are in their first trimester. Topics include healthy lifestyle, general wellbeing, exercising safely, nutrition, information for partners and a virtual tour of our maternity facilities.

Cost: Free

Days and times: Every third month on a Tuesday, 6.00pm to 8.00pm (refreshments start at 5.30pm. See booking form for dates.

    Parenting and birth refresher

    Topics include labour and birthing, pain relief options, safe sleeping and child safety, breastfeeding and preparing siblings for a new baby.

    Cost: $110

    Days and times: Once a month on a Thursday, 6.15pm to 9.00pm. See booking form for dates.

    Breastfeeding workshop

    Topics include breastfeeding principles, infant behaviour and feeding cues and practical tips for common feeding issues.

    Please note: this content is covered in our packages so there is no need to book this session if you are booked in for a package.

    Days and times: Once a month on a Wednesday, 1.00pm to 3.00pm. See booking form for dates.

    Location: St John of God Raphael Services, 192 Cambridge Street, Wembley 6014

    Grandparents update

    Overview on birthing and the role of the support person, changes in parenting styles, infant feeding updates, safe sleeping practices and ways to support new parents.

    Cost: $30 each or $50 a couple

    Days and times: Every second month on a Thursday, 5.30pm to 8.30pm. See booking form for dates.


    All our standalone sessions except for the breastfeeding workshop are held at:

    Location: St John of God Subiaco Hospital, Level 3 Conference Centre, Auditorium

    Complete this form to book your standalone session. These sessions are only available to mothers or family members giving birth at St John of God Subiaco Hospital.

    Maternity Unit tours

    We also offer free tours of our maternity unit so you can see firsthand our facilities and services.

    • You can participate in a maternity unit tour by:
    • attending our scheduled tour on Saturdays at 1pm - bookings are essential
    • watching our virtual maternity unit tour
    • registering for a parent education package (it is included.)

    Postnatal education and support

    Following the birth of your baby, we offer a range of education and support services to help you navigate the first few weeks and months of parenthood. All programs are facilitated by a midwife or lactation consultant. These services are only available to mothers who gave birth at St John of God Subiaco Hospital.

    Early weeks – first 12 weeks

    This program is designed for new parents who need some extra support with baby care in the first 12 weeks after birth. It also gives parents an opportunity to network with other new parents to share experiences.

    Day and time: 12.30pm to 2.30pm every second Thursday during school terms. 

    Open house – 3 months to 9 months

    This session is ideal for parents who want to learn more about feeding, settling and support in a friendly, relaxed environment. New topics will be discussed every fortnight to give you a well-rounded overview on all things parenting. Upcoming sessions:

    • October 26: Introducing solids and food ideas for little ones
    • November 9: Summer, sun and water, safety for babies
    • November 23: Family traditions and avoiding holiday stress
    • December 7: Christmas wind-up: Bring a small treat to share if you can

    Day and time: 9.30am-11.30am every second Thursday during school terms.

    Solo mothers

    This is a free community service for women parenting alone. It is suitable for pregnant women and women with children up to two years old.

    Upcoming sessions:

    • 8 November: Summer sun and safety reminders
    • 6 December: Christmas wind-up

    Day and time: 1.00pm-3.00pm monthly on a Wednesday during school terms 


    All our postnatal education and support programs are free and are held at:

    Location: Lake Monger Recreation Centre, 144 Gregory Street, Wembley 6014

    For more information

    For more information on any of our parent education courses or sessions or to book, please contact our parent education team directly.

    Tel: (08) 9382 6708