Living well with heart conditions

Having been born with a congenital heart murmur and later developing valve and aneurysm issues, 52-year-old Roy Barnett understands first-hand the importance of maintaining good heart health.

30 Jun 2021

St John of God Subiaco Hospital Cardiologist Dr Paul Stobie with patient Roy Barnett and friends at the Up All Night walking marathon

While Roy will eventually require surgery to treat his conditions, specialist care delivered by Western Cardiology, one of Western Australia’s leading cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery practices, is ensuring that he can continue to live a full, healthy life.

“The Western Cardiology team at St John of God Subiaco Hospital have cared for me since 2006,” Roy said.

“While the clinical aspect of care can be straightforward, learning how to look after yourself, including your mental health, can be much more difficult. I am so grateful that my cardiologist Dr Stephen Gordon considers my health holistically and doesn’t treat my conditions in isolation,” he said.

With Western Cardiology’s support and advice, Roy has made significant lifestyle changes to ensure that he is living well with his conditions.

The team have inspired him so much that he has completed the 42km ‘Up All Night’ charity walking marathon two consecutive years in a row.

“In the past, I would never have had the confidence to walk for nine hours straight,” Roy said.

St John of God Subiaco Hospital cardiologist Dr Stephen Gordon said improving lifestyle behaviours ahead of surgery can benefit patient outcomes.

“We work in partnership with a multidisciplinary team including pathologists, radiologists, allied health professionals and nurses to ensure our patients receive a prompt diagnosis and ongoing treatment and support. We know that this results in the best possible patient outcomes,” he said.

Western Cardiology was established in 1989 at St John of God Subiaco Hospital and was the first hospital-based private cardiology practice in Western Australia.

In collaboration with St John of God Subiaco Hospital, Western Cardiology offers a complete range of cardiac services including interventional cardiology, cardiothoracic surgery, coronary care and cardiac rehabilitation, using the latest techniques and equipment.

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