Excellence in everything we do

Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse Ash Unnikrishnan believes the opportunities on offer and excellent work-life balance at St John of God Geelong Hospital make for a great workplace.

24 Oct 2022

How long have you worked with us?

I’ve been here for two years now.

Why did you join us?

I moved to the Intensive Care Unit at St John of God Geelong Hospital to do my post-graduate intensive care stream. I also heard of a lot of good things about the intensive care unit here before I moved too.

What do you love about working with us?

The team work and good support – everyone is very inclusive and we show excellence in everything that we do.

What do you like about living in Geelong?

Geelong has a lot of opportunities. It’s not too far from Melbourne and accessible to everything. Working at St John of God Geelong Hospital, the work-life balance in excellent. We get access to beaches, shopping malls, sports… everything is nearby.

Why should other people consider working with us?

Come and join us, we are an excellent team. We are welcoming and will support you to achieve your goals in your career.