St John of God Geelong Hospital maternity provides more choices for women

St John of God Geelong Hospital have become the first hospital in the greater Geelong area to birth a baby by an emerging technique known as a Maternal Assisted Caesarean Section.

8 Sep 2020

 Geelong Hospital Maternal Assisted Caesarean Birth

 The procedure allows the mother to physically remove her baby from the uterus while under a spinal anaesthetic and allows for intimate bonding between a mother and baby within seconds of birth.

The baby was safely born thanks to her mum and the support of obstetrician and gynaecologist Dr Sam Sabary.

“The Maternal Assisted Caesarean is an important option for mothers who require a caesarean section but would like to more actively involved in the birth of their baby, said Dr Sabary.

“During the procedure, the mother is required to scrub in and wear a sterile gown and gloves into the operating theatre. Once the surgeon is able to lift the baby‘s head and shoulders from the incision the mother places her hands under the babies arms and gently lifts the baby up onto her chest."

“When conducted in a safe hospital operating theatre environment under instruction from the medical and nursing teams, mum and baby can enjoy the benefits of immediate skin to skin contact and delayed cord clamping.”

St John of God Geelong Hospital Chief Executive Officer Stephen Roberts said “we are delighted offer the Maternal Assisted Caesarean Birth to Geelong mothers as we are always exploring new opportunities to develop and improve our maternity offering to the local community and empower women to have the birth of their choice.”