First impressions count

After completing a six-week nursing placement at St John of God Geelong Hospital in 2020 as part of her Diploma of Nursing, Endorsed Enrolled Nurse Lili Gard knew it was the place she wanted to work after her studies were complete.

19 Aug 2022

St John of God Geelong Hospital Enrolled Nurse Lili Gard

In 2021, her dream turned into reality.

“My placement gave me an insight into the hospital, how caregivers nurse and look after patients and the values they hold,” Lili said.

“The experience was invaluable and I became passionate about wanting to get a job [at the hospital] after I got my registration.

“I started working at St John of God Geelong Hospital last year and love it.”

Lili, who works in the hospital’s surgery centre, also does occasional shifts in the Emergency Department. 

“I was initially employed to work in the surgery centre, but when elective surgeries were reduced as a result of COVID-19 restrictions, I was redeployed into the Emergency Department,” she said.

It meant I had to adapt and think differently to how I was used to in the perioperative environment.

“I actually didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I did and I felt as though I gained a whole new skillset by being thrown in the deep end.

“Now I’m back working in the surgery centre, but still do some shifts in emergency.”

Amongst her shift work, Lili is also studying to become a registered nurse and feels supported by the hospital to take the next step in her career.

“Being able to grow as an enrolled nurse and be supported whilst completing my studies to become a registered nurse is a highlight, as I feel I am constantly learning,” she said.

“St John of God Health Care is very accepting and understanding of family, personal and study needs and encourage anyone that is wanting to further their studies and career to go for it, which I appreciate.”

Lili’s teammates have also enriched her experience.

"I’ve had the chance to work alongside some fantastic experienced nurses and doctors that have taught me so much throughout my journey of being a nurse,” she said.

“Working in both the perioperative environment and emergency department has given me skills I can use for life, such as communicating with people in their most vulnerable time and supporting them in their stay.

“I love the teamwork and family feel at the hospital, everyone works together and gets along so well which makes working here comfortable and supportive.”

While Lili’s nursing journey has only just begun, she highly recommends it as a career.

“Not only is nursing a rewarding job, but being a person that thrives on a challenge, I always feel I have new goals to work towards,” she said.

“There are so many pathways you can take and always options to further your studies, particularly with St John of God Health Care.”