Consulting suites

St John of God Bunbury Hospital Medical Centre has a range of resident and visiting medical specialists who consult in modern, state-of-the-art consulting suites.

St John of God Bunbury Hospital has two consulting suite locations.

For more information, please contact:
Tel: (08) 9722 1600

St John of God Bunbury Hospital Medical Centre

Services provided by the following tenants and visiting specialists:

Suite 1
Dr Vyhunthan (Ganesh) Ganeshanathan
Dr Thato Mabote

Suite 2
Dr Andre Kozlowski
Tel: (08) 9722 1891

Suite 3
Dr Senarath Werapitiya Tel: General Surgery
Tel: (08) 9722 1700
Suite 4
Dr Carolyn Masarei
Palliative Care  Tel: (08) 9722 1965
Dr Suzanne Webb (Locum Meg Sands) 
Tel: Medical Oncology   
Tel: (08) 9722 1965

Dr Sarah Dunlop
Palliative Care
Tel: (08) 9722 1965

Suite 6 
Dr Andrew Kiberu 
Medical Oncology 
Tel: (08) 9722 1684

Suite 7
West Coast ENT
Tel: (08) 9722 1061
Dr Latif Kadhim
Dr Francis Lannigan
Dr Travis Leahy
Dr Alessandra Locatelli-Smith
Dr Rohanna O’Connell
Dr Sarah Prunty

Suite 8
Currently being Refurbished 

Suite 9
Dr Chris de Chaneet 
General, Sleep and Respiratory Physician
Tel: (08) 9722 1894

Suite 10
South West Cardiovascular
Dr Alli Morton
Dr Stefan Buchholz 

Suite 11
Resource Team

Suite 12
SW Urology
Tel: (08) 9722 1924
Dr Susan Chapman
Dr Michael Pether 
Dr Paul Crow  

Suite 13
Advara HeartCare
Dr Gary Barron
Dr Vince Paul

Suite 14
Dr Helen Rhodes

Dr Azlan Mohd Hashim

Suite 15
Breast Screen WA

Suite 16
South West Hospital Pharmacy

Suite 17
Global Diagnostics  

Suite 18
Allied Health  

Suite 19
Dr Harvey Graham  
Tel: (08) 9722 1985

Suite 20
Dr Mark Burrows
(08) 9722 1963

Clinical Labs  

Suite 21
Advara HeartCare  
Dr Ata Doost  
Dr Antonius Steven  

Suite 22 Sessional Doctors  
Dr Luigi D’Orsogna  
Dr Deepak Mehrotra  
Dr Jurgen Passage  

For information on sessional suites please contact:

Amanda Poller
Manager of Medical Practices and Properties
Tel: 0417 954 998 

General contact details 

Tel: (08) 9729 6759
Fax: (08) 9729 6764
Email: [email protected]

St John of God Bunbury Hospital Specialist Centre 

114 Spencer St, Bunbury

Services being delivered within the Specialist Centre :

  • Pre-Admissions
  • Allied Health, including physiotherapy with access to a fully equipped gym (group and individual), dietetics and Occupational Therapy in due course.
  • Health Care at Home
  • Specialists Rooms – accommodating a range of visiting specialists

Room 1
Sessional Doctors
Tel: (08) 9722 1975

Room 2
Dr Mark Duncan-Smith  

Room 3
Dr Marek Garbowski  
Dr Carsten Ritter  
Dr Kishore Sieunarine  
Dr Craig Smith  
Dr Nathan Stewart  
Dr James Fong Wong  


Consulting suites for visiting specialists are available, however access is limited.

Practice support can be provided. For more information, please contact:

Alistair Brown – Acting Manager Corporate and Support Services

Tel: (08) 9722 1600