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St John of God Ballarat Hospital offers expert care after injury, illness or for ongoing conditions to help you continue doing what you love.

Cardiac rehabilitation

Accessing cardiac rehabilitation after a heart attack, cardiac surgery or cardiac disease is an important part of your recovery. Our cardiac rehabilitation services provide education and support for you and your family through a personalised program developed by our team of health professionals.

Falls prevention and balance

After a surgery, an illness or injury you may be more prone to falls. We provide a safe environment when you stay with us and make sure you know how to reduce the risk of falls when you are home.

Pulmonary rehabilitation

If you have a chronic lung condition, you may benefit from our pulmonary rehabilitation program. Our health care specialists work with you and your family and carers to develop a personalised plan that combines education and exercise to help you manage your condition.

What you need to know about rehabilitation

Our allied health care and other health professionals share their expert advice on everything you need to know about rehabilitation, from pain and injury to the services and your recovery through our rehabilitation blogs

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