The new look for St John of God Ballarat Hospital

The re-development of St John of God Ballarat Hospital continues to progress, with a new façade being presented.

6 Oct 2021

St John of God Ballarat Hospital Redevelopment artist impression October 2021

The design for the new redevelopment of the hospital is progressing well with the completion of the schematic design achieved in July 2021.

The schematic design involved comprehensive user consultation with department representatives and hospital executives to ensure the useable floor space had been maximised to provide best practice outcomes in our new clinical and support spaces.

During this period the design team has also worked towards finalising the concept for the new external façade, integrating St John of God Health Care’s core values of hospitality, compassion, respect, justice and excellence.

These have been highlighted through the new entry, tower and landscaping, whilst maintaining a focus on the important heritage and history of Bailey’s Mansion (pictured above, to left).


St John of God Ballarat Hospital Redevelopment Values relating to build


The next milestone for the project is completing the detailed design which is due in mid-October 2021.

This phase has involved continued partnership with department representatives, as well as members from the local community and Indigenous partners, who bring a fresh perspective to the patient journey.