Redevelopment Consumer Committee

A Redevelopment Consumer Committee has been created to assist in consulting on key areas for the St John of God Ballarat Hospital redevelopment.

22 Jun 2021

St John of God Ballarat Hospital Consumer Committee

St. John of God Ballarat Hospital has been of service to the Ballarat community for in excess of 100 years. During this time, community demand on the hospital’s service has increased exponentially resulting in a business case being put forward to expand the hospital’s clinical capability.

Several key areas were identified, and the project was subsequently approved to proceed at the end of 2020 for a budget of $56M which would see the creation of a new wing. The new building is anticipated to be completed by Q4 in 2023.

St John of God Ballarat Hospital truly values consumer engagement, hence the belief that a dedicated Redevelopment Consumer Committee would be beneficial in providing critical feedback on key areas relating to the redevelopment.

We’re excited to be working with the Redevelopment Consumer Committee to help shape the future of the hospital.

Note: applications to join our new consumer committee are now closed, however, we thank you for your interest.