Interpersonal Building Better Relationships

Interpersonal Building Better Relationships is an interpersonal group which aims to develop acceptance, support and trust in the group relationships in order to facilitate: a deeper understanding of self, challenge notions of self and constructive expression of conflict. This program is suitable as a follow up to skills/content based programs.

Two people sitting at a table outside in a garden, one person is smiling.

Learning in the group occurs as a result of the interactions between group members. Using the ‘here and now’ experience of the group to enhance individuals understanding of themselves and their relationships in their everyday life.

Participants identify a personal therapeutic goal which the group members assists them to explore during the process of their interactions. In this way they work actively on the problems that brought them to group.

Benefits of the day program?

Participant outcomes may include learning:

  • Why a group member thinks and feels the way they do
  • How to express feelings
  • That others experience similar challenges
  • How a person’s behaviour impacts on someone else

Further outcomes include a sense of belonging and trying out new ways to interact and facing life issues.

When does the program run? 

The program runs weekly, on a Tuesday from 10am-1pm, and is an open and ongoing group, so patients can be referred into the group at any time. 

Program format

Group sessions, face-to-face.

Book your place:

To join the group, you will need a referral from your psychiatrist.

Additional information:

For more information please contact our Transitions Team on 03 9773 7000 or fill in the form below and someone will be in contact with you.