Road of Recovery Addiction (ROAR)

The Road of Addiction Recovery Day Program (ROAR) uses effective components from various addiction recovery models to support you to develop and implement life enhancing skills. Multiple modalities are seamlessly brought together to offer effective evidenced based strategies.

A person sitting outside reading through a paper folder.

Each session is complete within itself and will teach skills that are ready to put into practice, session by session building your ability to take life enhancing actions.

This group is for people who are experiencing problems with substance use and mental health.

Benefits of the day program?

This group aims to assist you to 

  • develop mindfulness skills to clearly see the relationship between thoughts, feelings and actions
  • enhance problem solving and communications skills
  • strengthen interpersonal skills
  • improve personal motivation
  • cultivate a healthier life.

When does the program run? 

This program consists of twelve sessions. Participants can join the group at any stage of the program. 

Groups run on Mondays between 10.00am to 1.00pm. 

Program format

Group sessions, face-to-face.

Book your place:

To join the group, you will need a referral from your psychiatrist. Assessment will be undertaken by the Transition Team.

This group is skills-based. This means that it requires your active participation during sessions.

Additional information:

For more information please contact our Transitions Team on 03 9773 7000 or fill in the form below and someone will be in contact with you.