Arts Psychotherapy

The arts psychotherapy group is a structured group where patients who have experienced trauma or are managing life with a mental illness can explore a range of art methods and themes.

A person wearing an art apron, painting in a colourful art room.

Art is used as a medium to communicate and explore aspects of self and your challenges to build capacity and resilience. 

This group focuses on developing the felt sense of safety and regulation, to build resources and strengths that act as tools to repair ruptures caused by trauma, including to gain a sense of trust and control within yourself again to meet life’s challenges. 

This group is suitable for those who enjoy exploring the creative art process, and have a desire to learn more about themselves and want to develop resources for coping integration.

Benefits of the day program?

  • Better understand yourself and your needs.
  • Exercise personal choice.
  • Explore a range of creative art methods.
  • Receive regular support to sustain and integrate recovery.
  • Develop useful coping skills to incorporate into your daily life.
  • Discover your abilities, strengths, and resources.
  • Recognise and develop an awareness of underlying patterns of behaviour
  • Increase your capacity to explore and express your feeling states and needs.
  • Develop an understanding of your boundaries and learn to assert them.
  • To use art as a tool for organising, mapping, and problem solving issues. 

When does the program run?

The program has two streams running weekly.

Tuesday full day from 9:30am till 3.00pm or Thursday half day from 4:30pm till 7:30pm.

This is a semi closed group that is ongoing. Patients will need to be referred into the group at an appropriate time within the module. Please contact our Transitions Team to discuss which group is most suitable for you to sign up to. 

Program format

Group sessions, face-to-face.

Book your place:

To join the group, you will need a referral from your psychiatrist.

Additional information:

For more information please contact our Transitions Team on 03 9773 7000 or fill in the form below and someone will be in contact with you.