Jacob loves the work-life balance and support available

Jacob, who has lived in Frankston most of his life, doesn’t see himself calling anywhere else home anytime soon.

18 Oct 2022

“It’s a beautiful place to live. I love living near the beach. I love the people. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else,” he said.

This cheery outlook extends to his place of work too, where he has been employed as an enrolled nurse at St John of God Frankston Rehabilitation Hospital for the past seven months. 

He said the flexible and supportive environment was exactly what he needed.

“I enjoy the culture. It’s a very positive place to work. Everybody’s lovely,” he said.

St John of God Health Care provide a really good work-life balance with their roster.

“As a graduate nurse, there’s plenty of additional support. They provide lots of good, ongoing learning opportunities for their staff to further grow their clinical skills.” 

He also highlighted the opportunity for online training in areas caregivers are interested in as another reason to work with St John of God Health Care.

When asked if he felt cared for in his workplace, Jacob shared a story about losing his father earlier this year and how he appreciated the empathy and understanding he received from, not only his manager, but the CEO as well. 

“A few months ago, my father passed away and my manager and the CEO provided me with some time off and paid me for it as compassionate leave, which I thought was a really compassionate and kind thing to do,” he said. 

“Overall I find it a positive place to work.”