Alternative low-cost model of maternity care available

St John of God Berwick Hospital offers a low cost, team care maternity option for families who do not have an obstetrician preference.

6 Dec 2022

Alternative low-cost model of maternity care available at St John of God Berwick Hospital

The “Joy” maternity package offers a more affordable way for patients to use their private health cover to reduce out-of-pocket expenses while still receiving access to high-end private hospital care.

Those who take advantage of Joy, can expect to receive all the perks of private maternity health care, including a private room where partners can stay, for a one-off fee of $990. 

This lump sum cost covers treatment by on- duty obstetricians, along with the care and attention of a team of midwives, nurses and other clinicians as part of Joy’s antenatal clinic.

The Joy option also includes:

  • Private room with ensuite
  • Bulk-billed blood tests
  • Pregnancy education classes
  • Vaginal and caesarean births
  • Three night private hospital stay, including accommodation for partners
  • Education workshops such as paediatric first aid and sleep / settling
  • Post-birth support through midwives, lactation consultants and physiotherapists
  • Access to a perinatal mental health nurse
  • A follow up appointment with a midwife three weeks after birth to discuss how parents are managing at home

Joy enables patients to save money by providing a collaborative model of care, where patients will be seen by a whole team of highly skilled obstetricians and midwives, rather than just one doctor. 

To access St John of God Berwick Hospital’s Joy program, patients must get a referral from their GP, have private health insurance with obstetric cover and be eligible for Medicare. 

Depending on the individual needs of each patient and the inclusions set by their health insurance provider, extra charges may apply if ultrasounds and/or paediatric, anaesthetist or other specialist care or treatment is required. 

However, all potential costs will be discussed in consultation with each patient prior to choosing the Joy model of care. 

Families with private health insurance but without Medicare can also enjoy the benefits of private obstetric care at St John of God Berwick Hospital using the Joy model. 

Quotes and more information on Joy can be found at or by calling 03 8784 5300