Meet Owain Chandler

Interested in St John of God Health Care’s intern program? Hear from one of our former interns, Dr Owain Chandler about his experience so far and find out tips and tricks for making your intern application stand out from the crowd.

23 May 2023

Junior doctor outside St John of God Midland Public and Private Hospitals

Name and position?
Owain Chandler, Resident Medical Officer 

How long have you been with St John of God Health Care? 
2 years

What roles/responsibilities have you had over the last two years?
I’ve been very fortunate to spend time at St John of God Hospitals in Midland, Murdoch and Subiaco over my last 18 months.
I’ve had jobs in the Emergency Department, Coronary Care Unit, Stroke Department, General Surgery and General Medicine.

What drew you applying to St John of God Health Care for your internship?
I really enjoyed my time here whilst I was a medical student, so it was a no-brainer when deciding where I wanted to work. I think it’s so important to be surrounded by friendly staff and those that take a genuine interest in helping you progress your own career and knowledge. 

Has your experience as an intern differed from how you thought it would be?
Yes, even though at times the job can be stressful, the people you work with really make it or break it. I’ve been really fortunate with working at St John of God Health Care that all the staff are supportive of myself as well as one another. From the consultants to nurses and catering to domestic services, I’ve enjoyed being part of the family and most importantly this seems to promote great patient care. 

What’s your best piece of advice for future interns, to help them have a positive experience?

I think the best thing you can do is put yourself in a good position and work somewhere where you’ve had positive experiences as a student, or where you have heard of positive experiences from your peers. In reality this is what eventuates when you start working and it’s so important that in your first few weeks you feel supported. Being nice doesn’t cost anything and so make an effort to get to know your colleagues because not only will they teach you their own set of expertise but they’ll make your life a lot easier! 

What has been the highlight of your medical career so far?
Having a senior role in the Junior Medical Officer Society at Midland since starting early last year has been great. Rebooting the society in to a functioning academic and social network has been extremely rewarding. 

What does St John of God Health Care do to make caregivers feel appreciated and cared about in the workplace?

A lot! From caregiver days to free lunches, Christmas dinners and Easter eggs – caregiver wellbeing definitely seems to be a priority and the executive team work very closely with the JMO Society to help explore these options. 

What advice would you offer to graduates who want to make their intern applications stand out?
Be authentic, just be yourself! If you’ve been a student at any St John of God Health Care sites, elaborate as to why you’d make a good addition to the family. At the end of the day it is a family type mentality and everyone is driven by the same goals of providing excellent patient care – so make sure you detail why you’d be able to help make that happen!