Junior doctor Amirah goes from strength-to-strength

Registrar Amirah Ismail started her career at St John of God Midland Public and Private Hospitals as an intern two years ago and has progressed her career year-on-year at the hospital.

14 Oct 2022

What’s your position?

I’m a General Medicine and Medical Education Registrar at St John of God Midland Public and Private Hospitals.

What do you enjoy most about working with us?

Midland is about 30 minutes out of the city, so it’s not that far away. The hospital allows me to upskill in medicine by being involved in patient care in a more diverse socioeconomic group and I feel like that really builds on my medical foundation and gives me a more broad experience in training.

What opportunities have you received while working with us?

I started working with St John of God Health Care as an intern and since then I have then done a year as a Resident Medical Officer, so that’s a second year doctor, and after that I was promoted to my registrar position in my third year where I do general medicine and medical education, which are both areas I’m particularly interested in.

What do you love about living in Perth?

The weather. It doesn’t get too cold and its sunny most of the time all year round.

It’s pretty close to beaches and really close to parks. There’s good access to daily living things like groceries, gyms and those sort of things. Overall, it’s a really well rounded city and people are really friendly as well.

What do you want other people to know about working with us?

There’s a fantastic culture, I would say above expectations, especially between colleagues and senior colleagues which is really special in the medical field.

What does St John of God Health Care do to make you feel cared about in the workplace?

Getting to know me personally and then prioritising my training and education needs according to what I want to pursue which I find really makes me feel valued. On top of that, they give me perks with working shifts, I get meal vouchers and coffee vouchers every time you work an after-hours shift and that makes me feel like St John of God Health Care values me as a junior doctor.