Mentorship key to feeling supported at work

St John of God Midland Public and Private Hospitals Paediatrician Noel Friesen came to Perth not knowing anyone in his field. An opportunity to be mentored by a senior paediatrician made Noel feel at home.

14 Oct 2022

What’s your position?

I’m the Head of Department of Paediatric Medicine at St John of God Midland Public and Private Hospitals. In addition to my role in administration and management, I’m also a Clinical Consultant Paediatrician.

What do you enjoy most about working with us?

I think the people are the main thing. I have a lot of colleagues who I find have similar interests and it makes coming to work enjoyable. I really like our junior staff – I find our junior staff have good cohesion.

What opportunities have you received while working with us?

When I came here, I didn’t know any people within my field in Perth and our Director of Medical Services was really good and put me in contact with an individual who has become my mentor and has a lot of experience within the state and within paediatric medicine at quite high levels.

I felt that the organisation really went out of their way to support me with putting me in contact with that individual and we’ve had a relationship now for five years and it’s been really great.

Do you and your team socialise outside of work?

We have an annual mini golf tournament that we play. Every two weeks we have lunch as a team and as a department, we provide that lunch on one occasion then the next fortnight we’ll all bring our own lunch.

What do you love about living in Perth?

The beaches for me are the big one. They’re really accessible, the weather is incredible.

The beach life for us as a family is great.